Top 10 Fintech Startups In Europe

Michelle D'souza Michelle D'souza
Feb 1, 2021 8 min read
Top 10 Fintech Startups In Europe

In recent years, the European fintech startups scene has expanded exponentially. Open banking is one of the main drivers of this development. This will lead to financial services and fintech partners supplying customers throughout Europe with more creative and user-friendly solutions. Government support for the banking and financial industries (fintech) is enormous, not just because of its scale (global funding = $111,8 billion), but also because of technology in part and, in particular, a growth in smartphone connectivity at a pace that remains unimaginable.
The survey shows that Fintech adoption is well above the global average of 64 percent across Europe and is no indicator of slowing down soon, particularly in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland.

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Well now let’s take a close look at the top 10 fintech startups in Europe:

1. Nexi

Nexi Logo
Nexi Logo

In Italy, the Nexi is a leading company, which involves issuing, selling, automation, interbank corporate banking, confirmation and payment services in a range of sectors. In the form of card payment acceptance technologies, cash transactions between businesses and private entities, and the management of increasingly complex technological facilities, including corporate banking, Nexi offers the most innovative paying options for banks, commercial banks, and insurance agencies.

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2. Revolut

Revolut Logo
Revolut Logo

Send money, divide expenses, with families and friends immediately, whether they are on the table or worldwide. With Revolut you can send money overseas in 30+ interbank exchange currencies at a small 0.5% discount per month on anything exceeding £1,000. You can also save money every day by getting rewards. Set goals, receive immediate updates of expenses, and view weekly insights to keep track of your expenses.

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3. Adyen

Adyen Logo
Adyen Logo

Adyen is a Dutch payment firm that helps firms to collect payments on e-commerce, smartphone and point of sale. Foreign credit cards, local cash methods, such as the Brazilian Boleto, and Online banking activities, such as perfect in the Netherlands, are part of the payment mechanism.The use of cards, digital payments, and more are supported on every digital platform or device. Each checkout is completely configured and designed for additional conversions.

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4. Checkout

Checkout Logo
Checkout Logo

Many of the most forward-looking organizations in the world use Checkout's unified system to shape their plans. They have a provision for a quicker, smoother, and more connected payment experience across countries. With their linked payment technologies, they push quicker, smoother, and with better payment options. And, in order to maximize payment flows and release complete value from any process, they give companies the data to identify patterns and make more wise decisions.

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5. Transferwise

TransferWise Logo
TransferWise Logo

Transferwise was set up in 2010, in order to achieve inexpensive, equal, and quick foreign money transfers. However, there is more to the story, as in numerous pioneering companies. With TransferWise, bank accounts exist worldwide. And no extra overseas processing fees from your bank will be charged to you. Through Transferwise you give your money locally.

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6. OakNorth

OakNorth Logo
OakNorth Logo

With a value of 2.8 billion usd OakNorth is the precious fintech in Europe. Without a credit default, it has lent $4 trillion to British firms. With its collaborators OakNorth Analytical Intelligence has launched its data and technology network successfully in 8 new foreign markets. OakNorth has a good variety of savings accounts and has featured consistently in the top transactions since its introduction. In a brief amount of time, they are priced to adjust so that they can advise savers always to act fast to obtain a product if they see the appealing cost.

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7. N26

N26 Logo
N26 Logo

The N26 bank account is a free "deposit account," opened directly from your phone or tablet in less than eight minutes. You can still deposit cash or transfer cash from a separate account as many times as you want. You can store and spend money on your daily bank account as well.

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8. Ledger

Ledger Logo
Ledger Logo

At Ledger, they establish the highest degree of security for crypto - assets in hardware wallet technology. Their products integrate a Protected Element with a proprietary OS to protect your property.  Ledger wallets allow you to own and manage your private info.

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9. Rapyd

Rapyd Logo
Rapyd Logo

Rapyd lets corporations build fantastic experiences with currency exchange everywhere today. They are designing a technology that reduces cross-boundary trading history complications while offering experience in local payments. Their fintech software - processing, billing and issuing, regional fintech, and the payments capabilities - is used by multinational e-commerce organizations, tech companies, industries, and financial institutions to easily integrate their applications.

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10. Qonto

Qonto Logo
Qonto Logo

Qonto is a strategy solution for corporate finance. Qonto offers all the resources needed to handle the finances of the company. This tools range from dedicated accounting entry, integrations with over 80 accounting applications, cost and reception management in real time after shipment, to categorizing personalized transactions. This involves custom marks. By linking your funds to your deposits, you can focus on your core business. For quick and stable payments using Apple Pay, you can also link your Qonto wallet to Apple Pay. You can also send international payments with Qonto and collect them as well.


Since smaller and younger firms are not running at all, they are willing to adapt at an unparalleled price to the consumer's wants and needs, which existing banks are battling for. The coordination of these emerging innovations, existing business and industry regulators (politicians) will in future decide landscape health overall. The landscape and digital experience that we have now will be very diverse.

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