Top 8 Best HubSpot Alternatives You're Missing Out in 2021

Arijit Karan Arijit Karan
Dec 8, 2021 7 min read
Top 8 Best HubSpot Alternatives You're Missing Out in 2021

Hubspot is a very well-known name amongst marketing and sales professionals. On this site, you can find several resources for inbound marketing. Also here you can find a CRM that is Customer Relationship Management which is very useful. When somebody is looking for a HubSpot alternative, they are looking for a better CRM. In this article, we will look at various CRM which have similar and better features than Hubspot.

List of Best HubSpot Alternatives -

Engage Bay


Ontraport Homepage
Ontraport Homepage

This is a CRM that has many features that can help you in your business. Things like landing page creation and email funnelling are available here.

Ontraport CRM offers you a lot of lead reorganization features that will help you in lead management. You can group your leads according to job title, demographics, and contact data. This becomes very useful and accessible.

Ontraport Pricing -

The basic plan of Ontraport CRM is $79 per month and there is a 2-week free trial. Advanced plans are available for $147 and $297. Β 

Ontraport is Suitable for -

This CRM is suitable for e-commerce marketers and business owners.


Drip Homepage
Drip Homepage

Drip is a well-known CRM for e-commerce business owners. This CRM has various automation capabilities which can be useful for e-commerce businesses.

In Drip, you can understand how your leads are converting to customers. This helps you improve your marketing strategies. It pulls out data that helps you to understand the buying behaviour of the person better and then target them effectively.

Click Here to Start your Drip Trial Now

Drip Pricing-

The basic plan starts from $19 per month and goes upto $1599.

Drip is Suitable for -

This CRM is best for e-commerce business owners.


GetResponse Homepage
GetResponse Homepage

It is an email marketing tool and has features that can help you make your email marketing more efficient. In this tool, you can also make landing pages and do high-level market automation. This tool is great for people who use webinars to get their leads or sell any product.

GetResponse pulls out a lot of data that can help you understand the behaviour of the customer and even the conversion rate. It will help you segment your customer base better.

Grow your business with GetResponse Now

GetResponse Pricing-

The basic plan is for $12.3 per month and goes upto $81.8 per month.

GetResponse is Suitable for -

E-commerce business owners who use webinars frequently.


Freshworks Homepage
Freshworks Homepage

Freshworks is a unique CRM that provides the option for live chat. In this CRM you can do marketing and sales separately. You can also choose different clouds for both of them.

The user interface of Freshworks is very simple and you can do many things with a few easy steps. In this, you also get a free CRM which has all the standard features which are needed to run any digital business.

You can separate hot and warm leads to make your business perform more efficiently.

Click Here to Sign up on Freshworks Now

Freshworks Pricing-

The pricing starts from β‚Ή999 and goes upto β‚Ή4,999.

Freshworks is Suitable for -

Small business owners who want to sell their digital products or acquire quality leads.


Keap Homepage
Keap Homepage

Keap or previously known as Infusionsoft is another good CRM which you can use to grow your business. One unique thing about this CRM is that it enables leads to schedule meetings directly in your calendar.

Several features increase your functions of email marketing. This enables speedy marketing and sales to your client.

Get started with Keap Now

Keap Pricing-

Keap's cheapest plan is $40 per month and goes upto $100 per month. It also provides regular discounts on its services.

Keap is Suitable for -

People who are looking for a CRM that has good lead management capabilities.


Sendinblue Homepage
Sendinblue Homepage

This is a unique marketing and sales software that is very similar to Hubspot. It is more than 10 years old and has a lot of features packed in it.

Sendinblue helps you in managing Landing Pages, Facebook Marketing, Email Marketing Automation, and SMS Marketing. There are inbuilt customizable templates and an editor to make the task convenient and easy.

Try Sendinblue now

Sendinblue Pricing-

It has a free plan. The lowest-paid price plan is $25 per month. There are higher plans of $65 and $125 in which you get more features.

Sendinblue is Suitable for -

This is for those business owners whose budget is low but who want a standard CRM.


Wishpond Homepage
Wishpond Homepage

This CRM helps you in sales and marketing. It provides all the things necessary to do them efficiently.

Wishpond CRM was specially made to monitor the performance of a campaign. It has a lot of features like pop-up customization etc. You can customize them according to the time duration, scroll, and exit. Apart from that, you can also add some animation to your pop-ups.

You can choose from several email templates and make them look professional within a few edits.

Apart from that, you can also analyze your customer based on their demographics. Also, you can input potential leads into your CRM manually.

Click here to learn more about Wishpond

Wishpond Pricing -

The cost of this CRM is $49 per month. There are also higher plans for $99 and $199 that provide more features.

Wishpond is Suitable for -

Business owners looking for faster lead generation.


Engage Bay Homepage
Engage Bay Homepage

This CRM offers almost everything you need for marketing and sales. It is a good alternative to Hubspot. With its marketing automation tool, you can do a lot of functions like personalization, sequencing which is helpful in email marketing. You can also optimize your marketing with the help of engagement statistics.

EngageBay Pricing-

This CRM has a free version and paid versions too. The lowest-paid version is $11.99 per month. The advanced versions are $29.99 per month and $63.99 per month.

EngageBay is Suitable for -

Business owners who want a good CRM with all the standard automation features at a cheaper price.

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These are some of the best alternatives to Hubspot. Each one of them has unique features. A lot of CRM's are designed for the e-commerce market. Many are designed for lead management and for getting unique data to understand customer behaviour. So you can choose your own CRM as per your requirement.


Who founded HubSpot?

HubSpot was founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006.

What are the best alternatives to HubSpot?

The best alternatives to HubSpot are Ontraport, Drip, GetResponse, Freshworks, Keap, Sendinblue, Wishpond, and Engage Bay. These are some of the best and most effective alternatives to HubSpot.

Where does HubSpot get company information?

HubSpot Insights is a database of company information that HubSpot gathers by combining third-party data, web crawling, and crowdsourcing to ensure the data can be as accurate as possible. It is updated in real-time as we get new information.

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