Make Best Logo for Startups | 10 Simple Steps to Follow

Shubham Kumar Shubham Kumar
Nov 8, 2017 3 min read
Make Best Logo for Startups | 10 Simple Steps to Follow

10 Tips to Make Best Logo for Startups

Are you in need to Make Best Logo for Startups? Or is this your first time to have one but could not get any
idea how to start it? It is not an easy job to Make Best Logo for Startups. You need an inspiration and ideas.
You have to make sure that it tells a story of the thing it represents. That’s why it is very
important to make it with your heart and with your emotions. It is important to make it
communicative to people who will see it from the very first time. Some clients get so convinced
upon seeing the logo itself. They will check on its originality from the design itself.
This article will show you and help you to Make Best Logo for Startups, creatively designed and
catchy to people. Of course, your logo will tell everyone what kind of institution or business it
represents and it will tell the brand that it brings. Here are some tips you need to take notes of
in Make Best Logo for Startups like your:

1. Make some research

What you first need to know is your target market. Do some research
about it and see brands that suit your needs.

2. Make the logo simple

Complicated logo designs are not appealing and attractive. Do not
use many colours if possible. Sometimes, you do not need to put a caption in it as the logo is
descriptive in itself.

3. Decide on the colour

The colour is very important. Colors have meanings and ideas. When you
choose a colour for your logo, make sure that it represents your company goals or identity. You
can make it coloured or just plain black and white, depending on your need.

4. Make it look dynamic, not static

Logos that are appealing usually come with dynamic
designs. It does not mean that you have to change it from time to time but try to make it

5. Make it very versatile

A versatile person can fit himself anywhere. Make your logo like that
person. Anticipate that when you imprint your logo in other objects, it may still look appealing.
You can assume that if you will imprint it in a brochure, it would still look attractive when
printed in mugs, glasses or other stuff.

6. Be original

This is very important. A unique logo design will make your clients trust you.
Remember, your logo represents your company. If you got a unique one, then that is a big plus
to your company.

7. Your logo should carry a story

Every company has its own story to tell. Make sure your logo
brings that story. Designs that will make the clients understand your company’s journey.

8. Avoid over innovating your logo

Like what has mentioned above, make it simple but

9. Create smart logo design

If you prefer to have captions on your logo, make sure it
coincides with the figure or object you use and brings the story you want to tell to light.

10. Create it with your heart

It is very important that when you create something artistically,
it should be done with your heart. Your heart will lead you to create designs. Every curve and
lines you make can be best traced with the voice of your heart.
After reading the tips above, you may say that it will really take a hard time making a logo. For
startups, it will not be an easy task. You have to create your story and know your goals. Do not
rush. Rushing at it will never get you into something. Make it your own for it is really yours.
Know what it means and share it.

This is how you can Make Best Logo for Startups.

Finally, it is not just on the logo that you depend on for your business, but logos play a very important role to bring you more sales.

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