Best 5 Marketing Strategy Adopted By Vedantu

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Jul 14, 2021 7 min read
Best 5 Marketing Strategy Adopted By Vedantu

Covid-19 has been witnessed as one of the reasons for the surge of online learning. In other words, it can be said that the Novel Coronavirus and the lockdown have boosted the growth of edtech platforms. This gave an edge to all the online learning platforms to bring their services to a broader audience.

Likewise, Vedantu came up with a campaign saying India's Learning Won't Stop asking users to Study from the safety of their home. The brand has come up with various learning services to cater to all school and college-going students, having a vision that no child is left behind from learning.

What is Vedantu?
Vedantu's Pricing Strategy
Vedantu's Promotion Strategy
Vedantu's Service Level
Vedantu's Target Audience

What is Vedantu?

Vedantu is an edtech startup that provides a Live Online Tutoring facility to students from their homes. Vedantu provides live interactive classes with unlimited doubt solving for students from pre-school, Class 1-12, JEE, NEET and other entrance examinations.

Vedantu Live Online Classes
Vedantu Live Online Classes

Vedantu can handle more students in one session since it is a virtual class. There may be up to 600 students during a paying session while free lessons maybe 2,000, Krishna said, who's a professor himself. He also runs Lakshya Institute before selling a big stake in Mumbai's K-12-based tutoring and test-processing company MT Educare, which helps students prepare for undergraduate studies, until early 2014. It has created a proprietary method called WAVE (Whiteboard Audio Video Environment), which tests about 70 criteria, including whether the student is watching the screen, in order to ensure students are aware of and recognize their vulnerabilities.

Vedantu - Founders | Funding | Business Model | Revenue | Competitors
Vedantu’s success story, an edtechstartup that is popular with students.Read on to learn more about the company profile ofVedantu, which includes its founders, sales, financing, business model, rivals, etc.

Vedantu's Pricing Strategy

A Bangalore-based startup, Vedantu has raised an additional $24 million as a part of the Series C funding round, which runs a learning app for students. This was in addition to the $42 million raised in August 2019.  In July 2020, Vedantu raised $100 million in funding led by a US-based Coatue. With the latest funding, Vedantu's total fund tally stands at over $200 million.

Vedantu offers free access to all live classes and content. However, there is a subscription model as well where students are charged based on the tenure of the courses which are categorized as long-term, short-term, micro-courses and crash courses.

You can also select pocket-friendly plans or opt monthly subscription instead of paying all amounts together. Also, they provide free demo classes that would help you in making a vital decision for enrolling in the course or not. One can browse various courses both on its application or website.

Vedantu's Promotion Strategy

Marketing Heads of Vedantu
Marketing Heads of Vedantu

Vedantu has appointed two senior executives, Kunal Dubey as Marketing Head and Lucky Saini as Brand Head in its marketing unit. This charismatic pair has been playing an active role in driving business growth. Their aim is to promote Vendantu's services in such a way that it gets more students day by day. They are making efforts to place the Vedantu brand among students and parents as the most favoured and valued Edtech.

Kunal Dubey, Marketing manager of Vedantu, after his appointment mentions,

Vedantu’s culture reflects the organization’s rock-solid foundation as well as empathetic leadership. I am humbled to take on this role and believe that a strong culture leads to great business stories. I look forward to building a passionate marketing team that lives and breathes our brand purpose every day.

Dubey worked for eBay India, Flipkart and PhonePe over a period of 15 years of his career whereas Ogilvy, Autumn Gray, Flipkart, Manipal Education and Manipal Group have managed to share Saini's career.

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Here are some interesting features of  this e-learning firm:

  • Personalized LIVE training from home comfort. This means that a pupil receives a committed teacher's full attention and studies at his own speed. Teacher-student relationships are powerful, bidirectional and technologically controlled for quality improvement.
  • They have also introduced experiments such as video games which are not only fun but knowledgeable in order to make the class more interactive and student-friendly.
  • They have a feature of the feedback system where teachers frequently inform parents about the success of their child. This provides an edge over the conventional PTM meeting held twice or thrice a year at schools/colleges.

Vedantu and its Viral Campaigns

Aamir Khan Promoting Vedantu
  • Vedantu markets its packages on its website, Google advertising and forum digitally.
  • It is a tuneful and captivating commercial telecast on TV & social media channels that catches the interest of children.
  • Aamir Khan being the brand ambassador of Vedantu portrays wonderfully the role of an interested father and gives the character its own charm.
  • The TV ad is very attractive and linked to a fun, jingle-filled learning experience.
                     "Samajh aayega toh maza aaye ga, maza aayega toh samajh aayega"
  • The TV ads add credibility and allow the brand to explain its message to a broader audience. These ads help to drive the social campaign as well. There is more chance that the customer is going to visit your social or digital platform once they see your ads.
  • The Initiative underlines the need to make the children's learning experience more exciting and successful by using LIVE streaming lessons.

Vedantu's Service Level

Vedantu provides a seamless user experience. One can avail of their services by downloading its app or by signing in to its website.

Vedantu App
Vedantu App
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Vedantu's Target Audience

Vedantu's target audience
Vedantu's target audience 

Vedantu's target audience is all school-going children and college students. As they provide free access to all live classes and content of pre-school, class 1-12, JEE, NEET and other entrance examinations. The platform also targets teachers who teach unique subjects and who are able to devote multiple hours teaching online and to seek extra revenue. It also approaches coaching institutes that can teach online to a range of tutors. So far, the brand has covered 500+ cities Worldwide with 39,787,257+ happy students.


Here, we understood the 5Ps of marketing, i.e. Product, Price, Promotion, Place and People via the marketing strategy of Vedantu. The 5Ps of the marketing strategy of Vedantu is discussed as What is Vedantu?, Vedantu's Pricing Strategy, Vedantu's Promotion/ Marketing Strategy, Vedantu's Service Level and Vedantu's Target Audience respectively. The sole aim of the organization is to create an educational world that is readily available to all. Individually flexible in terms of experience better than community classes and options that the online platform offers, for example, the instructor preference, time schedule and, most notably, study standard.

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What are the five marketing strategies?

The 5 Ps of Marketing – Product, Price, Promotion, Place, and People – are key marketing elements used to position a business strategically.

What is the business model of Vedantu?

Vedantu operates on a B2C business model whereby the company provides services like live online tutoring to students from K-12, college students and also the one who is preparing for various competitive exams.

Which is better BYJU or Vedantu?

BYJU is better than Vedantu as BYJU allows students to learn both online and offline. BYJU is way more ahead of any other edtech platform in terms of features like personalized learning, one-to-one session, the device provided, immersive techniques and many more.

How Vedantu makes money?

Vedantu earns money mainly by providing education support services and charging a fee for the same. They have different fee structures as per the different subscription plans.

Who are the competitors of Vedantu?

BYJU, Unacademy, Chegg,  Meritnation, Toppr, Wonderschool and Simplilearn are the competitors of Vedantu.

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