Recent Trends Fueling Investment in the Indian Market

Shubham Kumar Shubham Kumar
Jun 20, 2020 2 min read
Recent Trends Fueling Investment in the Indian Market

India is fast becoming a home for startups. With several initiatives were undertaken by the Government to strengthen the economic state of the country, startups have witnessed a growth in mobility, foodtech, gaming, etc. Confluence of social as well as technological factors has deeply impacted investing scenario in the country. With the private sector underutilized, investments in the Indian market have increased.

The 21st century is all about Technologies like augmented reality and IoT, the new addition to the family being Blockchain Technology. This technology is not only limited to the creation of Bitcoin but has other application too, which has raised a hype on the market. Β If explored its full potential, this technology can bring about revolutionary changes in various segments.

Over 22 major languages written in 13 different scripts and over 19, 500 dialects, that’s India, a culturally and linguistically diverse nation. These numbers clearly indicate a massive opportunity in the Indian market for vernacular interface and content. It aims at accommodating non-English speaking users with internet access and a medium to pitch in their ideas.

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Investment Trend in India

Esports has exploded with popularity and is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Esports and gaming took off with the release of Xbox in early 2000, even though the concept of video games had been there since the 1970s. Realizing the potential in this segment,developers pitched in this virtual world.

Through social commerce, a user can browse and compare products on social networking site, say Facebook, and then make the purchase on Facebook itself rather than going to the company’s website to make the purchase. Currently, there are three social media sites that own the social commerce space: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. It is revolutionizing the face of online shopping and moulding e-commerce to give the customer a more social experience involving friends, family and peers.

By providing real-time content, live streaming is a new way to attract and engage users by enabling them to connect instantly. The viewers can also communicate with each other on this platform. It gives the product or the service an immediate feedback. This is a powerful marketing tool which the users find interactive and more engaging.

With global giants zeroing on this space, financial technology is on the roll due to several reasons. With vast discrepancies in the country’s banking system, growing smartphone ownership, increasing access to the internet, a booming e-commerce market, and availability of a large talent pool with knowledge of both technology and financial services.

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Direct-to-consumer brands are transforming the conventional and established marketing solutions by causing a fundamental change in the relationship of the brand with the consumers. Global suppliers are accessible now and consumers are willing to experiment with new brands that they discover online. Consumers are quite discerning in the quality of items they purchase, this is exactly what the DTC offers, a risk-free online shopping experience.

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