The Success Story Of Bharti Airtel: A Case Study

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Jan 31, 2022 12 min read
The Success Story Of Bharti Airtel: A Case Study

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Bharti Airtel is a public limited company commonly known as Airtel. It is an Indian telecom company, which is currently operating its business across South Asia, Africa, and the Channel Islands. It provides GSM in all the countries including 2G and 3G services. Due to its operations in more than 18 countries, Airtel is currently known as the 3rd largest mobile network operater across the globe with over a billion users and the 2nd largest mobile network operator in India.  

Bharti Airtel's Indian Customer Base as of March 31, 2020, looked like this - 283.7 million Mobile Services; 2.4 million homes, and 16.6 million Digital TV Services.

Along with being one of India’s largest integrated telecom providers in India, Airtel is also famously ranked by Millward Brown and WPP plc in the first ever Brandz ranking as the most valuable brand. At the end of September 2020, Airtel had around 440 Mn customers across its operations. It was known as the 3rd largest cellular service provider in India after beating China's Unicom with 303 million subscribers, when reported back in August 2015.

Along with the telephony network that Airtel provides, where the company offers prepaid and postpaid networks, it also offers broadband and DTH services for its customers. It also acts as a carrier for national and international long distances communication services. The company has a submarine cable landing station at Chennai which connects the submarine cable between Chennai and Singapore. One of the other services provided by Airtel is the Airtel Money (commerce platform in collaboration with Infosys).

On this note, let's look at this StartupTalky Bharti Airtel company profile, Airtel case study, competitions, Bharti Airtel subsidiaries, products, Airtel employees, Airtel telecom founded in, Airtel net worth, hiring culture, policies, Airtel's history, Airtel's customer base, achievements, and more.

Bharti Airtel Case Study
Who dominates Mobile Subscription?

Bharti Airtel - Company Highlights
About Bharti Airtel
A Brief History of Bharti Airtel
Bharti Airtel - Name, Tagline and Logo
Bharti Airtel - Mission and Vision
Bharti Airtel as The Market Champion
Bharti Airtel - HR Strategies
Bharti Airtel - Service Rule and Regulation of Employees
Bharti Airtel - Promotion Policy and Wage Structure
Bharti Airtel - Training and Development of Employees
Bharti Airtel - Hiring Process
Bharti Airtel - Incentives and Benefits for Employees
Bharti Airtel - Awards and Recognition

Bharti Airtel - Company Highlights

Company Name Bharti Airtel Limited
Established July 7, 1995 (as a Public ltd. company)
Corporate Office New Delhi
Funding $4.4 Bn (2022)
Revenue US$14 billion (2021)
CEO Gopal Vittal
Founder Sunil Bharti Mittal (Net Worth - 1,050 crores USD)
Listed in BSE and NSE
Stock Exchange Symbol NSE - BHARTIARTL, BSE – 532454
Subsidiaries Wynk, Airtel Digital TV, Airtel Xstream & more

Sunil Bharti Mittal | Founder & Chairman of Bharti Enterprises | Bharti Airtel | Bharti Foundation |
Sunil Bharti Mittal is an Indian entrepreneur who serves as the Founder andChairman of Bharti Enterprises. The company has diversified into telecom,insurance, real estate, hospitality, malls, Agri, foods and other businesses aswell. Bharti Airtel […

About Bharti Airtel

The name "Airtel" is something that is not only popular in India but has been a buzzword since the company was founded back in 1995. Headquartered in New Delhi, India, Bharti Airtel is a multinational telecommunication company with roots in the Indian subcontinent, which currently serves users of over 18 countries. The telecom giant has provided 2G, 3G, 4G+ and 4G LTE networks, fixed-line broadband connections, and voice services, which are based on the country of operation. Besides, it has also launched the Volte service.

The Bharti Airtel company outsources all of its business operations except marketing, sales, and finance and is often credited with being the pioneer of such a business model. Besides, many of today's telecom service providers also look up to Airtel for the same, which are now working on similar business models. Besides, Airtel is also hailed as the pioneer of the minutes' factory model of low-cost and high volumes. The equipment that Airtel uses are provided for and maintained by companies like Ericsson, Huawei, and Nokia Networks. On the other hand, its IT support is provided by Amdocs.

A Brief History of Bharti Airtel

The Airtel founder, Sunil Mittal had primarily set up his business Bharti Overseas Trading Company in 1980, which was an import enterprise where he dealt with generators and more. Then he saw a push-button phone in Taiwan in 1984, seeing which he eventually started to assemble similar phones. Focusing on the same, he founded Bharti Telecom Limited in the early 1990s. Though he started with manufacturing fax machines, cordless phones, and other telecom gears, he soon discovered that the Indian government was inviting bids for mobile telephony in 1992, and Sunil was successful in bidding for one of the four mobile phone network licensed auctioned.

He later went for collaborating with the French telecom group Vivendi, which eventually agreed to do business with him in spite of Mr. Mittal being a small timer at that time. This led him to launch his cellular services in Delhi in 1995. Thus, Bharti Cellular Limited was formed to offer cellular services under the brand name AirTel. In 1996, cellular service extended to Himachal Pradesh. In 1999, the Bharti Enterprise went on to acquire control of JT holdings and extended cellular operations to Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Then, in 2000, Bharti acquired control over Skycell communications in Chennai.

In 2001, the company acquired control of the Spice cell in Kolkata. Next, the company got listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange. In 2003, all the cellular phone operations of the company was summed up under the single brand of Airtel. Airtel then acquired control over Hexcom and entered Rajasthan in 2005. It then extended its network to all across India in 2005 and launched its first international mobile network in Sri Lanka.

It was under the direction of the company Founder, Mr Sunil Bharti Mittal that the company became very successful and within a few years, AirTel turned into the first telecom company to cross the 2-million mobile subscriber mark.

On 13th February 2008, Bharti Airtel Limited, the leading telecommunication company in India, crossed the 60 million customer mark. The wireless segment constituted 96% of BAL total customer base. The valuation of BAL then stood at $40 billion in 2008. BA was the fastest in the world and added 8 million customers in 2008. This puts Bharti Airtel among the top telecom companies in the world. Its next target was to reach 100 million mark by 2010. This was also crossed by the company. Airtel is currently standing with a subscriber base of around 354.40 million subscribers in 2021.

Bharti Airtel Brand Value (Source:

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Airtel's actual name was Bharti Cellular Limited (BCL), the company which later began to offer cellular services under the brand name AirTel.

"AISI AZADI AUR KAHAN” is one of the prominent taglines adopted by Airtel.

Airtel logo

Bharti Airtel - Mission and Vision

"Hunger to win customers for life" is the mission of Airtel.

"Our vision is to enrich the lives of our customers. Our obsession is to win customers for life through an exceptional experience." - says the Vision statement of the brand.

Bharti Airtel as The Market Champion

Airtel strives to align its HR strategies with its corporate strategy. The HR team makes sure to see if the organization teams have the same attitude that would help employees realize the vision of the company. The company emphasizes recruiting young people with an average age of 26 years. This is done because the company wants to bring in young entrants and would them as per the business organization and at the same time, enhance their interaction and creativity.

Senior management was advised by the HR management as they are encouraged to put forward their views openly in order, to play a more proactive role in team-building efforts. This was further augmented by a reward and recognition system along with a strong training program. As a part of the planning process, the entire organization is measured on five performance parameters: Profitability, market share, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction.

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Bharti Airtel- Service Rule and Regulation of Employees

In Airtel, you are an at-will employee, this means you are working at your own will without any force or pressure before you join the company. You must sign a terms and condition agreement that will state corporate governance of the company which is:

  • Employees must report to their superior and maintain disciplinary work.
  • All employees will be paid monthly by cheque procedure.
  • In case of leave, employees must draft a detailed application mentioning the reason for leave.
  • A lunch break of 1 Hour will be provided.

Bharti Airtel- Promotion Policy and Wage Structure

AirTel engages a policy under which an employee gets his/her due promotion in the organization, which is a reward for an excellent performance. Under the rules that govern the promotion, AirTel states that the employee must have successfully completed 6 months to be eligible for promotion in Airtel. The internal application process is carried out and all the previous records are checked and the performance is analyzed.

The internal relationship between different jobs and wages helps the firm to decide its wage structure. 60% of its employees have a variable pay structure where they get paid according to the work done. The company considers factors such as performance and maintains internal equity to ensure people at the same people at the same level are paid for the same amount of work.

The success story of Bharti Airtel

Bharti Airtel - Training and Development of Employees

Airtel has a vast pool of human resources that are upgraded from time to time in terms of leadership and technical skills through various outsourced and in-house training and development activities such as process and project management skills and technical skills. By providing world-class resources and combined efforts by Airtel many employees are being trained to become future leaders. The company HR is continuously working on launching various initiatives like on job training, programmed learning, simulated development, and computed-based training.

The on-job training is where a person learns a job actually doing it. Every employee from the mailroom, from a clerk to the CEO, gets job training when they join the company. Informal learning is used as 80% of the employees learn on the job they learn not through informal training, including performing their jobs on a daily basis in collaborations with their colleagues.

The company provides a Job instruction training program that takes place every month in Airtel in which a logical sequence of steps is the taught step by step. On a quarterly basis programmed learning is followed by Airtel in which self-learning methods consist of Presenting questions, facts, or problems to learner and allowing the person to respond.

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Bharti Airtel - Hiring Process

Application – In Airtel existing openings are monitored and accordingly position procedures are being carried out matching candidates' profiles and areas of interest.

Screening – Matching of the profile is done by the company with respect to its requirements and needs.

Assessment – An aptitude test is required for the job of the front line sales. For considering the middle and senior level job occupational personality questionnaire done.

Interview – Airtel takes 1 to 3 rounds for the interview process. Then the final appointment letter is being offered with the company’s terms & conditions memo, which every employee must sign.

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Bharti Airtel - Incentives and Benefits for Employees

Airtel has an incentive pay schemes managers often use two terms synonymously incentive plan for the employees that are applicable to sales over the target achieved. Merit pay as in incentives is generally done by the company for excellent performance by the employee in the last term of his/her employment. The other non-monetary incentives include: Employee recognition, Gift certificate, Special events, merchandise incentives, free training programs.

When it comes to the Benefits, they are indirect financial and non-financial payments employees receive for continuing their employment. They include things like health and life insurance pensions, time off with pay, and child care assistance.  The company also provides Life and Health insurance for families and dependents. Different types of leaves like study leave, extraordinary leave, petrol allowance, and family holidays.

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Bharti Airtel - Awards and Recognition

Some of the major achievements and milestones earned by Bharti Airtel are listed below -

  • AirtelThanks App was recognized as one of the most innovative mobile application in the prestigious ET Telecom Awards 2020.
  • Airtel won four awards in each category of Video Experience, Games Experience, Voice App Experience and Download Speed Experience in the Open Signal Report in September 2020, for the second time in a row.
  • Airtel Xstream Fiber won the Best Broadband Service Provider in ET Telecom Awards 2020.
  • Airtel ranked 4th in the category of “The top 10 most valuable Indian brands 2019” as per WPP Kantar Survey.
  • Airtel Business won the “Best Partnership” award at Telecoms World Middle East Awards 2019 for partnering with Telecom Egypt.
  • Airtel Business won 3 prestigious awards at Global Carrier Awards 2019, namely, Best Global Wholesale Carrier – Voice, Best Voice Service Innovation – Emerging Markets and Best Security Solution.
  • Airtel Finance shared services team has bagged the coveted Digital Initiative Award by HDFC bank in the Large Customer Category.
  • Airtel Business has been awarded as the “Enterprise Data Service Provider of the Year” and the “Enterprise Telecom Service Provider of the Year” in the large enterprise segment at the Frost and Sullivan ICT Awards
  • App Annie ranked Wynk Music as India’s #1 music streaming app in terms of Daily Active Users in October 2019.

And the list goes on & on...


Bharti Airtel is currently doing incredibly well in recent times it is expected with same quality services and has the prospective to overtake China’s Unicom in a few years making Airtel one of the world leaders when it comes to being a world leader in telecommunication. This is possible because of the company’s expansion in African and Asian countries making it a global company.  Airtel also has good relations with its business partners like Ericsson, Siemens and IBM.

The company has strong HR policies that help in maintaining its corporate governance structure. The profit and assets are also increasing at a considerably good rate making its turnover cross $643.25 bn . Good customer schemes and support services makes Airtel capture a major chunk of the competitive market.


What is the difference between Airtel and Bharti Airtel?

Bharti Airtel is the parent company of Airtel.

Is Bharti Airtel an Indian company?

Bharti Airtel Limited is an Indian multinational telecommunications services company.

How many employees are there in Airtel?

There are 17917 employees in Airtel as per 2020 data.

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