GamesKraft Success Story - How is it Creating a World-Class Gaming Experience for the Indian Users?

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Jan 14, 2022 7 min read
GamesKraft Success Story - How is it Creating a World-Class Gaming Experience for the Indian Users?

With the availability of fast internet and smartphones, online gaming is gaining much popularity in India, especially among the youth. With this increasing craze, many gaming companies are coming up with engaging and entertaining gaming options.

Gameskraft, a Bangalore-based startup in the online gaming sector is all set to bring a world-class gaming experience to Indian users. This startup launched in 2017, is driven by the vision to establish Gameskraft Technologies as a leading gaming company in India. StartupTalky interviewed Gameskraft founder Prithvi Singh.

Gameskraft - Company Highlights

Startup Name GamesKraft
Headquarter Bangalore
Founder Prithvi Singh
Sector Online Gaming
Founded June 2017
Registered Entity Name Gameskraft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Operating Revenue $13.49 mn+ (over Rs 100 crore in FY20)

Gameskraft - Latest News

September 22, 2021 - Gameskraft associates with Disney+Hotstar to improve its brand awareness across audiences.  

About Gameskraft
Gameskraft - Industry Details
Gameskraft - Founders and Team
Gameskraft - The Idea and Starting Up
Gameskraft - Mission and Vision
Gameskraft - Name, Tagline and Logo
Gameskraft - Business and Revenue Model
Gameskraft - Customer Acquisition
Gameskraft - Challenges
Gameskraft - Competitors
Gameskraft - Funding
Gameskraft - Growth and Revenues
Gameskraft - Advisors and Mentors
Gameskraft - Partnerships
Gameskraft - Future Plans
Gameskraft - FAQs

About Gameskraft

Gameskraft is an online gaming company founded in Bengaluru, which develops web and mobile games. The company is hailed as India's first gaming company that gives instant cash rewards. The ISO-certified gaming platform is lauded to be instrumental in building and scaling bellwether technology startups, including Goibibo, Grofers, Myntra, and Flipkart.

Nostragamus, Rummytime, Pocket52, Rummyculture and Gamezy are some of the gaming platforms that Gameskraft boasts of, all of which are based on the reward systems and use real cash.

Gameskraft debuted with Rummy culture in 2017. In just a short period, it has evolved as India’s fastest-growing cash rummy platform, with over 1 million active players on its website and Android application. Offering a best-in-class gaming experience with complete digital safety, Rummy Culture has multilingual customer support. Free to register, the platform also provides first-time players with generous welcome bonuses. The USP of Rummy culture lies in its transparency and ease of use along with instant withdrawals.

In 2019, Gameskraft launched Gamezy, to enter into the fantasy cricket segment.

RummyCulture Logo
RummyCulture Logo

The games are designed after researching the market trends, the demand, and the gaps that exist in the casual gaming industry.

"We made sure our products will cater to the specific needs of the Indian customer. Unlike most other real cash games, our users are credited the money they win on the same day" -  Rummyculture owner Prithvi Singh says.

Gameskraft - Industry Details

The investment of market leaders such as Alibaba, Tencent, Nazara, and Youzu, has contributed to the growth of the Indian gaming industry. According to a joint report released by Google and KPMG, the online gaming industry in India is projected to reach $1 billion by 2021. The estimated number of employees in the gaming industry across India will be more than 40 thousand by 2022.

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Gameskraft - Founders and Team

Prithvi Singh founded Gameskraft in 2017. The company has declared Ramesh Prabhu as the CFO of the gaming startup, who has taken up the role since August 2018. Harish Rawat serves as the Senior Vice President Marketing of the business.

Prithvi Raj Singh

Gameskraft founder Prithvi Raj Singh is a BTech. Computer Science engineering graduate from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology. Prior to GamesKraft, he worked with companies like Grofers, where he had worked as the Staff Engineer; at Ignite Technologies as the Chief Architect; at CA Technologies as a Manager, and at Trilogy, where he had worked as a Technical Associate. Prithvi had already gained knowledge across different domains including large-scale and enterprise applications.

Prithvi Singh
Prithvi Singh, Founder Gameskraft

Prithvi Singh has always been fascinated with computers and this is why he chose Computer Science in his college. He mentioned this in a Youtube interview, along with discussing much more about his journey and the experiences he had as a first-time investor. Here's the interview below:

Other core members who have been part of Gameskraft since its inception are Punya, Akhilesh, Abhishek, and Alankar.

The company operates with over 400 employees that work from 2 dedicated Gameskraft Bangalore offices.

Gameskraft - The Idea and Starting Up

Prithvi started showing interest in gaming at a young age. During his college years, he spent a considerable amount of time playing video games. Around the same time, he realized that the market is mostly dominated by international companies and the games are not specific to the Indian market. So, he wanted to develop games, especially for Indian users.

"With Gameskraft, I wanted to bring the Indian context to the online gaming space. The games we develop are mainly targeted at Indian users. Since India’s gaming industry has a huge potential, I was pretty confident about Gameskraft"  quotes Gameskraft owner Prithvi Singh.

Gameskraft - Mission and Vision

Gameskraft was launched with the aim to create the "next big revolution in the e-gaming industry."

“Gameskraft's vision is to be the most loved online gaming company of the 21st century using best-in-class technology. We are here to create a flawless user experience like no other contemporary apps in the market.”

"We wanted a name for our company that is catchy and easy to remember, so we came up with Gameskraft.", said rummyculture owner Prithvi Singh.

Gameskraft's tagline is ‘India’s fastest growing gaming company’.

Gameskraft logo - Prithvi Singh Gamescraft
Gameskraft logo 

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Gameskraft - Business and Revenue Model

GamesKraft is built on a user-oriented business model and can thus be summed up as a business operating in a B2b as well as a B2c model. Gameskraft earns revenue by collecting service charges on the cash games. Non-cash games are free mostly, but some games have entry restrictions.

Gameskraft - Customer Acquisition

Initially, word-of-mouth publicity helped Gameskraft to create a name. Gameskraft’s referral program also helped the company to attract new customers. The company also offers welcome bonuses to new users. During the Cricket world cup 2019, Gameskraft launched an exclusive World Cup ‘scratch card’ offer for Rummy culture users.

"We took a customer-centric approach from the beginning and it has worked really well for us. Customers have grown to like our games because of their transparency and user-centricity.", said Gameskraft founder Prithvi Singh.

Gameskraft - Challenges

Gameskraft’s journey has been very exciting, but we came across several obstacles in the initial months.

The most challenging part for the company was retaining a steady customer base. When Gameskraft first started, it mainly focused on a good interface. However, over time, they realized that there are many other important factors. The company constantly keeps on researching and making changes to its platform to meet customer expectations. Rummy culture’s first multi-player tournament didn’t go as per plan, mostly due to technical errors. It was a real eye-opener for Gameskraft and they learned from the mistake and made changes accordingly.

Another challenge that startup faced initially was in making payment of rewards to its users. The payment system was not automated.

"Every day after 3 pm, I used to take a printout of all the withdrawal requests and go to the bank with a checkbook. I deposited the check and gave the Bank Manager a list of account numbers and the respective amounts that had to be deposited" Prithvi recalls.

Thankfully, now it has banking partners and the payment process is fully automated.

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Gameskraft - Competitors

Many online gaming companies are now operating in India. Some top gaming companies are:

  • 2pi Interactive
  • 99 Games
  • Apar games
  • CreatioSoft
  • Dhruva Interactive

As noted by Prithvi, Gameskraft is a new player in the online gaming space. So, its focus is currently on their latest offering Gamezy. The Gamezy owner, Gamekraft has forayed with the former into the fantasy gaming space earlier in 2019.  

"What makes us stand out is that we do extensive market research before rolling out any game. We take regular feedback from our customers to make improvements in various areas – whether it’s the UI of the game or the format."

Gameskraft - Funding

Gameskraft doesn’t have any formal investors at present. However, Prithvi some amount of funding from his family and friends.  

Gameskraft - Growth and Revenues

Gameskraft has been making safe gaming experiences ever since it was founded. The company has also hailed as:

  • India’s fastest growing gaming company
  • A Guinness World Record holder for conducting the world’s largest rummy tournament
  • Gameskraft boasts of having crossed 1 million downloads
  • It has a team of 400+ gaming enthusiasts
  • Gameskraft has 2 offices, both of which are located in Bangalore

Gameskraft - Advisors and Mentors

My family and friends have given me constant support throughout the journey. Whenever I need advice, I turn to them.

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Gameskraft - Partnerships

Gameskraft has partnered with Disney + Hotstar on September 22, 2021, to strengthen its brand recognition among the viewers.

Gameskraft - Future Plans

In less than two years of time, Gameskraft’s Rummy culture evolved as India’s fastest growing cash rummy platform, with 1 million active players on its website and Android application.

Their newly launched product Gamezy, a fantasy gaming platform for cricket enthusiasts in the country has received an overwhelming response from customers. Currently, only the Beta version of the game is available. Gameskraft is planning to strengthen its foothold in the fantasy gaming space.

Gameskraft - FAQs

Who is Gamezy founder?

The Gamezy founder is none other than Prithvi Raj Singh, who founded Gameskraft?

What is the Gamezy valuation?

The Gamezy valuation is still not assessed but the platform boasts of having 1 crore plus+ verified players.

Who is the owner of Gamezy and RummyCulture?

Gameskraft is the owner of Gamezy and RummyCulture.

Gameskraft brings in trusted games. It is also recognized by the ISO certification.

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